Park Ridge Plays in Place

Have fun while you're home!

Our facilities may be closed, but Park Ridge can still Play in Place!

We are posting daily activities suitable for kids of all ages. Connect with other members of the Park Ridge community by sharing on social media a photo or video of your family participating in the activities using #ParkRidgePlaysInPlace, as well as the hashtag of that day, listed below.

Monday: #MakeItMonday
Tuesday: #KindnessTuesday
Wednesday: #MidweekChallenge
Thursday: #TrySomethingNewThursday
Friday: #FitnessFoodAndFunFriday
Saturday: #SillyAndScience Saturday
Sunday: #ScavengerHuntSunday

Click the links below to find our daily activity ideas!

Week 8 Theme: Spirit Week
Week 7 Theme: Out of This World
Week 6 Theme: Passport to Adventure
Week 5 Theme: Every Day is a Holiday
Week 4 Theme: Earth Day Every Day
Week 3 Theme: Springing Into Spring
Week 2 Theme: Rock 'n Roll
Week 1 Theme: Colors of Kindness