Are you a resident?

Resident rates apply to everyone living within the Park District boundaries. Please check your tax bill to verify that you’re a resident. Not all Park Ridge residents are in the Park District. Some of the areas not included in the Park District are: north of Dempster; west of Potter and North of Farrell; and at Park Ridge Pointe. If you live in these areas, please use the non-resident information when registering for classes. Non-residents are required to pay 50% more than the resident fees, unless otherwise indicated.

Proof of Residency Required

The Park District requires a Household Information Form on file and proof of residency submitted with all in-person, faxed and mailed registrations. Online registrants are required to submit a Household Information Form and proof of residency before gaining access to the online registration process. Acceptable forms of proof of residency include: current driver’s license, current utility bill or current property tax bill.