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Hinkley Park restrooms and shelter update

Hinkley Park restrooms and shelter update

Thank you to the individuals who attended the January 26 Board Meeting as well as those who emailed their comments prior to the meeting. At the Board meeting on the 26th, FGM Architects provided an updated estimate to the budget for the project as well as an overview of the details of the budget. The estimated project cost of $491,000 is comprised of construction costs and soft costs; both are broken down as follows:

Construction Costs

Costs estimated at $353,000.

  • Sitework = $105,000
    • Utilities to proposed site = $96,000
    • Concrete walk from stree to site = $9,000
  • Building = $248,000

Soft Costs

Costs estimated at $138,000.

  • Architect Fees = $63,600
    (including sub-contracted mechanical and civil engineers)
  • Site Surveys = $4,500
  • Soil and Material Testing = $5,000
  • Printing and Misc. Expenses = $1,500
  • Utility Company Fees = $15,000
  • Storm Water Utility Fee = $17,560
    (5% of construction cost)
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment = $7,500
  • Contingency for Additional Owner Expenses = $5,735
  • Construction Contingency = $17,560
    (5% of construction cost)

After discussion, FGM Architects was directed by the Board to bring back a budget to renovate the current restroom building located at Hinkley Park. This information will be presented at the Thursday, February 2 Board meeting at 7:00pm at Prospect Park - Wohlers Hall. The Board will evaluate the information to renovate compared to building new prior to taking further action on the project. As always, individuals from the public are welcome to attend the Board meeting.