Aquatics Programs

Swimming is one of those life skills everyone should have, if only for safety reasons. 

That’s not all. You can’t beat swimming for building cardiovascular fitness and all-over muscle strength. And, since it’s easy on joints, swimming offers an ideal way to stay fit as you age, or make a comeback after an injury.

So jump in…we offer year-round swim lessons for all ages and abilities, from the most tentative child to the beginner adult or someone looking to simply improve their technique. Our swimming programs are designed to help you develop your skills progressively. 

Interested in Being a Lifeguard at The Park Ridge Park District? 

if you are interested in working as a lifeguard at Park Ridge Park District you need to fill out an application and be invited to go through an interview process. If hired, all lifeguards working at PRPD will get certified through the District as an Ellis and Associates Lifeguard. For job postings, click here.