Hinkley Park Capital Improvements

Hinkley Park Restroom

Tennis Courts and Parking Lot

Hinkley Park Improvements

The Park District is completing a full depth renovation of the Tennis Courts and Parking Lot along Northwest Highway. The stone base is being excavated and reinstalled to include proper drainage and longer lasting high quality product. The project includes new lighting, fencing, nets, and landscaping for the tennis courts. The parking lot will now have landscaped islands with trees to enhance the visual appearance of the parking lot and in time provide some shade.  The project is expected to last through the summer and will be completed in the fall of 2018.  

UPDATE 4/27/2018 - Due to unforeseen delays in the full permit being awarded, closure of the parking lot along Northwest Highway at Hinkley Park is postponed.  We anticipate receiving the full permit within the next few weeks and plan to begin construction shortly thereafter. At least 48 hours’ notice will be given prior to closing the parking lot. 

Beginning April 23, the Hinkley Tennis court demolition will begin. We anticipate fence removal during the first part of the week, followed by the installation of a construction driveway from Busse Hwy to the tennis courts and light pole removal which will likely continue into the week of April 30. Parking lot signage and storm sewer inlet protection will take place on the parking lot the week of April 23 as well, but demolition is not planned before the week of April 30 for the parking lot itself.