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Dump the Slump: Yoga for Better Posture

Event date: 1/14/2023 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Export event

Dump the Slump: Yoga for Better Posture

Do you find yourself sitting for long periods - even standing with your head and spine slumped forward focused on technology? Is it showing up in the body as aches, pains, tension - even headaches? Join Cindy for this informative workshop to counter the negative effects of sitting with head forward posture. This workshop is designed with poses to address tight and inhibited muscles of the feet, legs and hips, chest, shoulders and neck; breathing techniques to reduce stress; and eye exercises to strengthen the eyes. Go home with a handout that includes a mini break sequence to “Dump the Slump from Forward Head Posture” - chair variation of releases to counter sore neck, shoulders, and lower back to be done throughout the day.

1225125-01  $15/$18

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Ages 18 & Up
Class Number 1225125-01
Location Centennial Fitness Center
R/NR $15/$18