Are you a Resident?

Resident rates apply to everyone living within the Park District boundaries. Please check your tax bill to verify that you’re a resident.

Not all Park Ridge residents are in the Park District. Some of the areas not included in the Park District are: north of Dempster; west of Potter and North of Farrell; and at Park Ridge Pointe. If you live in these areas, you are eligible to purchase an annual buy-in.

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If you are a Park Ridge resident outside of the Park District boundaries, you are eligible to purchase an annual buy-in. Call 847-692-5127 or email us for details.

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Proof of Residency Required

The Park District requires a Family Information Form on file and proof of residency submitted with all registrations. Online registrants are required to submit a Family Information Form and proof of residency before gaining access to the online registration process. The Family Information Form and proof of residency must be submitted by email to or in person at one of the following facilities: Centennial Activity Center, Centennial Fitness Center, or Maine Park Leisure Center.

Each member of the family must provide one of the following proofs of residency:

  • Valid driver’s license or state ID
  • Utility bill (within the last 30 days)

Your residency verification is valid for two years. 

After customer service creates your account, you will receive an email from that contains a link which will direct you to our registration site to create a password for access to online registration. Please be aware that this link expires 24 hours after the email is sent.

To check when your verification expires:

Log in to your online account, and select "My Membership Card" from the menu. If your membership is current, it will be listed beneath the barcode along with the date range your pass is valid. If you do not see a pass listed with the description of "Residency Verification", your residency needs to be renewed.

*If you do not have an online username and password, please contact for assistance.

Renewing Your Residency Verification

To renew your residency verification pass or to verify a change in address, a current driver's license or a utility bill is required.

Options for renewing your residency verification pass:

  1. Visit one of our registration offices during open hours (this is the preferred method to renew).
  2. If you choose to email, we ask that you secure your account or license numbers by crossing them out prior to emailing. Email a photo of a current driver’s license or utility bill to

A current and valid residency verification pass will ensure the ability to register starting at resident registration dates and to continue receiving resident rates.