Maine Park Project

Maine Park Project

Facility Upgrades • New Classrooms • Additional Restrooms

Maine Park Leisure Center Renovation

We are so excited to watch the progress of renovations at Maine Park! We know the process has been challenging for all involved. Many areas of the building are closed at different times of the project, and often the areas closed change overnight. We thank you for your patience and understanding while we all work through this together, and we promise to keep you updated as well as we can along the way.


Phase One

Is now complete.

In the East Wing
  • Creation of two classrooms to be used for Wildwood Nature Center preschool and programs.
  • Addition of four, single-user public restrooms.
  • Creation of two multi-purpose rooms to be used for programs as well as rentals, such as birthday parties.
Registration Area/Staff Offices
  • This area is being completely reconfigured to better utilize the space and serve our patrons better, including creating an accessible registration counter.
New Flooring in the Main Corridor
  • Phase One will include from the main entrance to the current bathrooms, Phase Two will complete the flooring to first set of double doors just past the Leisure Room.
Converting Art Studio to a new Dance Studio room
  • Current dance programming at South Park will be relocated to Maine Park.
Other Items
  • New flooring in the current Dance Studio room

Phase Two

Began mid-June and lasts through the summer.

Mechanical Improvements
  • Improvements will be made to the mechanical systems as well as the boiler.
Current Restrooms Renovated
  • Additionally the orientation of the restroom will change to open to the vestibule accessed in the back doors to the playground.
Preschool Offices Reconfigured
  • A main office for the Preschool just past the northwest entrance which will lead into the Preschool Supervisor's office.
Security Door Added
  • These doors will limit access to the Preschool Classroom wing.
New Flooring in the Main Corridor
  • Phase Two will complete the flooring from in front of the bathrooms to first set of double doors just past the Leisure Room.
Other items
  • Private music lesson rooms will be added.
  • Addition of a Viewing Window into the Gym
  • New and Improved WiFi throughout the Building


Week of July 17
Restroom renovations are well on the way. The entire area has been demolished, and new plumbing has been roughed in. Masonary is set to begin in the next week. The exterior door in the Itty Bitty and Tiny Tot rooms has been installed. The windows in the registration area are being adjusted and installed this week. Framework for the Preschool wall as well as the fire doors will begin in the next few weeks, as well as fire supression paint applied in various rooms throughout the building.

Week of June 19
Phase One of the project is completed, and our camp programs are already using the new rooms. We have began Phase Two of the project. A temporary wall has been installed in front of the main restrooms and will remain while the contractor works on renovations in this area. Additionally, the center doors are not available at this time. The four new single-user restrooms are now open, and a temporary restroom trailer is located in back for use by patrons of the buiding and the park.

Week of May 22
Casework will be installed this week, as well as the registration counter and window. Ceiling tiles are being dropped in the rooms and the hallway. The doors have been received and are being hung and hardware installed. Flooring has been completed in the dance rooms and the multipurpose rooms. Dance rooms will be painted in the next week.

Additionally, Phase Two of the project is starting on Thursday, May 25, with demolition and abestos abatement.

Week of April 27
Painting of the door frames and the walls in the front registration/staff office area has begun. The drywall taping/sanding is being completed in the multipurpose rooms and Nature Preschool Classrooms, and painting will begin next week. Tile work is in progress in the restrooms. Concrete for the accessible exit pathways is being poured this week.

Click here to view a photo video tour of the progress.

Week of March 13
Asbestos abatement will start in the crawl spaces located under the building. Crews will start on the east wing crawl spaces and work their way toward the west wing. It is anticipated that abatement of the west preschool wing will occur the week of March 20 while classes are on spring break to minimize disruption to our young students.

Work on the Art Studio and Dance Studio is anticipated to begin.

Week of Feb. 27
The next area for demolition and abatement is the main corridor. (Highlighted in green on the floor plan.) Once the demolition and abatement are complete, this hallway and the main entrance will reopen.

Week of Feb. 20
The next area for demolition will be the front reception desk and staff offices. (Highlighted in purple on the floor plan.) The main entrance will not be available this week nor the following week. The front registration desk will close at 4:30pm Friday, Feb. 17, and will remain closed Phase One is complete. We will have a staff member onsite to assist with questions if needed. In-person registration for programs is accepted at our other facilities. Online registration is also available as well as faxing to 847-692-4280.

Week of Feb. 13
Demolition will begin in the east wing of the building from the double doors near the vending machines through the back entrance. This area (including the exterior doors facing south) will remain closed to the public for the duration of phase one of the project. (Highlighted in pink on the floor plan.)

Week of Feb. 6
We anticipate to receive permits from the City soon, which will allow us to begin phase one of the renovation project as early as Tuesday, Feb. 14. The first steps in this project are demolition and asbestos abatement of the mastic (adhesive resin) located under carpeting in the building and the insulation located in the crawlspaces.


Safety notice

Please be assured that the safety of our patrons and staff is always a priority. We understand the concerns regarding asbestos abatement. Our contractor is required to follow Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) regulations designed for occupied areas.

The following resources are available for more information:

We ask that you are respectful of the barricades and areas marked as closed throughout the project. We know at times it will be inconvenient, and we thank you again for your patience as we make improvements to the building. We will do our best to notify you of impacted areas as we become aware.

Scheduled classes, programs, events, and rentals are anticipated to continue uninterrupted. We will regularly evaluate the impact the renovation has to our program areas and may be required to make adjustments as needed. We will promptly notify anyone who may be impacted in these cases.

Please remember, administrative staff in the building has been relocated but still may be reached at their current phone numbers or by email.

Maine Park Leisure Center renovation plan detail