Tree Planting

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has had a devastating effect on both the Park Ridge community and the Park District.

Ash trees are plentiful in our area, and unfortunately, many have been infected with this disease. The Park Ridge Park District has developed a reforestation plan to identify infected trees targeted for removal and determine recommendations for future tree plantings.

At the beginning of 2013, 315 ash trees were inventoried in Park Ridge parks and adjacent right-of-ways. As of September 2015, 121 of these ash trees have been removed, with the remainder slated for removal this fall at the following locations:

The Park District is grateful to the Park Ridge Friends of the Parks for the funding received through the 100 Trees for 100 Years program. The 100 Trees for 100 Years program, administered in recognition of the Park District’s 100th Anniversary, collected donations from community members and organizations to fund the replacement of 100 of these trees lost to EAB. In April 2015, the Park Ridge Friends of the Parks presented the Park District Board of Commissioners with $10,000 raised for this initiative. This fall, these trees will be planted in the following locations:

The Park District’s reforestation plan takes into account the need to diversify our urban forest, and planting plans take this into consideration. Diversification helps to not only guard against infestations like EAB and diseases like Dutch elm disease, but will also promote planting “the right tree in the right place” (Santamour 2002).

Continued funding for tree plantings still remains, and as a result, the Park Ridge Friends of the Parks accepts ongoing donations for this cause through the Trees Forever program. Contributions are tax-deductible according to IRS laws. Donate online using the following links, or by mail. Donations in honor of a friend or family are recognized with an engraved leaf on a bronze memorial tree located in the lobby at Maine Park Leisure Center at the following levels:

Thank you for your generous support!