Cardio Classes

Fit Start

New to fitness or just coming off rehab? Start moving with low impact, easy to follow step and group strength training using weights, body bars, and tubing. Fitness for all ages, adjusts the intensity to meet your needs in this joint friendly workout.

Functional Circuit

Blast fat efficiently and effectively with intensity intervals (at your own pace) and strength training using air ropes, weights bars, and steps in timed sets. Work at your own pace to achieve the level of intensity you desire.

Line Dancing

Improve the efficiency of your heart and burn calories moving to a variety of beats (not just Country) to keep you interested and having fun.


This 45-minute workout is extreme cross training at its best! This total body challenge combines the water rower for high intensity calorie burn with dynamic and functional exercise using body bars, BOSUs, hand weights, and kettlebells to sculpt and transform the body. Max effort and EXTREME results.


Challenge yourself with a variety of step aerobics, interval training, sculpting, TRX, and ab exercises.

Step, Strength & Abs

Challenge yourself with a variety of step aerobics, interval training, sculpting, and abdominal exercises. A high energy, pumping workout guaranteed to make you sweat.

Tabata Fit

Intervals of kickboxing, tabata, TRX, strength training, rowing, BOSU, ballet barre, abs, and stretching all mashed up in this one-hour class.


Bold cardio endurance dancing to top 40 pop, rock, and hip hop songs. We finish with core strength and yoga-inspired stretches.


Dance to fast and slow rhymes featuring Latin and International music. Tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Fun and easy for all levels to enjoy.

Not all classes run every season, so please consult our current fitness schedule.