Indoor Cycling Classes

Interval Cycling/Pump

Combine rounds of high intensity and recovery with the addition of hand weights and long tubing for weight training. A complete workout in 45 minutes. An awesome way to trim fat and rev up your metabolism!

Performance Cycling

Monitor your performance wearing a heart rate monitor (provided) to determine if you need to add resistance, speed up, or back off for proper training.


Burn calories without all of the impact on your joints! Personalized computers on each bike allow you to keep track of the calories burned, distance traveled, your pace, and how hard you are working.


Combine cycling with light hand weights and resistance tubing for a complete workout.

Retro Cycling

Burn calories without the impact on your joints in this indoor cycling class. Work at your own pace as the instructor guides you through
a beginner to intermediate program.

Not all classes run every season, so please consult our current fitness schedule.