Specialty Fitness

Each season, we offer a selection of specialty fitness classes that cater to a variety of needs - from low-impact classes that focus on building strength to youth and family programs!


Our current program offerings include:

Aquatic Propulsion Walking 

Ages 18 & Up

If you enjoy walking but are looking for a change in scenery and workout format, take advantage of this unique water class. Designed for all fitness and ability levels, participants walk in hip to waist deep water in all directions with and against the current of our Leisure Pool's current channel. Increase stamina, build muscles, and improve balance and flexibility. Instructor: Rebecca Williams-Garcia.

Kids Fitness Bootcamp 

Ages 7-14

A multidimensional, fun, interactive class focusing on overall strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination utilizing a variety of equipment. Class is designed to improve skills to enhance children in all sports activities. Instructor: Teri Habetler, B.S. Athletic Training, Sports Medicine and Phycology. Certified instructor in Kids in Active Movement through Play, Yoga, BOSU, Pelvicore, Ballet Barre, ShockWave, and Strength.

Yoga for Golfers 

Ages 18 & Up

This class is designed to develop lower body stability and improve the flexibility and mobility in the hips and shoulders. In addition, yoga builds body awareness and mental focus to help improve your coordination for optimal swings! All of this means you are less susceptible to injury as you focus on enjoying your golf game. You don't need to be flexible or have any previous yoga experience. Fee includes a coupon for two large buckets of range balls.

Stay Balanced 

Ages 18 & Up

Find your center of gravity and keep it in this class, designed to improve balance, prevent falls, and enhance daily activities.

Yoga for Osteoporosis 

Ages 18 & Up

New research shows that yoga helps prevent osteoporosis by improving bone density with postures for strength, stability, and agility. Yoga improves your physical balance and flexibility, which means you’re less likely to fall and break something. Poses to boost bone health are held as long as comfortably possible, between 12-72 seconds with suggested variations and modifications as necessary. This series builds body awareness, alignment, and better postural habits. It also protects joints while stimulating bones with dynamic practices that include movement; and it includes a focus on balance to promote confidence and fall prevention. All are welcome, no prior yoga experience is required. Bring an open mind and your sense of humor. Instructor: Cindy Dienhart, RYT 500, Certified Yoga Teacher for Osteoporosis.

Tai Chi for Health 

Ages 18 & Up

The gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi safely strengthen the body and provide mental relaxation. It is a low impact approach to fitness that can help ease the pain and stiffness of arthritis, and improve diabetes and other chronic conditions. Increase flexibility, muscle strength, heart and lung activity, posture, and improve balance to prevent falls. Class can be done seated or standing. Practice at your own pace and have fun!

Family Yoga 

Ages 5 & Up

Bring the family to practice in our Family Yoga class led by Greg Brzozowski, certified YogaFit Kids and Yoga instructor. It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce the benefits of yoga to adults and children. Improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture. Learn to relax and open up to a peaceful state of mind and body. Register each person individually; fee is per person.

Not all classes run every season, so please consult our current fitness schedule.