2024 Registration Information

  • Summer Camp Brochure Released to Patrons on Monday, January 29

  • Resident Registration Opens on Monday, February 5, online at 7:30am and in person at 8:30am

  • Non-Resident Registration Opens on Friday, February 9, online at 7:30am and in person at 8:30am

Payment Plan Instructions

  • Payment Plans are available for MOST summer camps. 
  • If registering online, a payment plan option will be available until February 28.
  • Starting March 1, payment plan options can only be set up in-person at the Maine Park Leisure Center. 
  • If choosing the payment plan option, a placeholder will be charged at $1 for residents and $5 for non-residents for each qualifying summer camp. 
  • Monthly payments are automatically withdrawn on the 1st of every month (March, April, May, June) by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover (credit or debit card).
  • All policies, waivers, and proof of residency as outlined in the camp brochure apply.
  • All summer camps must be PAID IN FULL prior to the start of the camp week.

For more information, please call 847-692-5127.

Camp Expectations (Code of Conduct)

We want camp to be a great experience for all. In order for this to happen, everyone needs to play a role in creating a positive and safe environment. Campers have a responsibility to help with this as well by:

  • Showing respect to all campers, staff, equipment, and facilities. 
  • Behaving in a way that results in only appropriate, kind, and positive interactions with others.
  • Leaving any unnecessary items at home that may cause a distraction at camp, including toys, animals, cell phones, electronics, inappropriate language, weapons, or items that appear to look like weapons.
  • Using caution when playing with others, to avoid close contact or causing bodily harm to others.
  • Keeping the Park Ridge Park District an alcohol, drug, and tobacco free zone.
  • Be completely toilet trained to participate.

Consequences for not following these or any other rules developed for the camps will be shared with the campers each session. In order for this to be successful, the Park District asks for parents’ support in enforcing these guidelines. Staff will address each incident with the camper (and parent if the situation requires) in a positive and fair manner meant to help teach campers how to make better choices. The Park District reserves the right to dismiss a camper whose behavior endangers the well-being of themselves, other participants, or Park District staff. No refunds are issued in these circumstances.  

Camp Refund Procedure

  • Five business days prior to the first day of camp:
    • A full refund minus a $3 administrative fee is granted.
  • After the start of the first day of camp:
    • Prorated refunds are only granted for medical reasons or changes in residency.