Staff Directory


Gayle Mountcastle, Executive Director

Gayle Mountcastle Executive Director 847-692-3442

Terry Wolf, Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds

Terry Wolf Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds 847-692-3516

April Armer, Superintendent of Recreation

April Armer Superintendent of Recreation 847-692-3319

Sandra DeAngelus, Superintendent of Finance

Sandra DeAngelus Superintendent of Finance 847-692-3406

Margaret Holler, Manager of Marketing and Public Relations

Margaret Holler Manager of Marketing and Public Relations 847-692-3346

Diane DiGangi, Human Resources Director

Diane DiGangi Human Resources Director 847-692-3405

Maryanne Lucarz, Executive Administrative Assistant/FOIA Officer

Maryanne Lucarz Executive Administrative Assistant/FOIA Officer 847-692-3482

Eileen O’Leary, Information Technology Manager

Eileen O’Leary Information Technology Manager 847-692-2464

Karen Larson, Accounting Manager

Karen Larson Accounting Manager 847-692-6916

Centennial Fitness Center

Amy Murrin, Fitness Center Manager

Amy Murrin Fitness Center Manager 847-692-5149

Justin Schuring, Membership Services Supervisor

Justin Schuring Membership Services Supervisor 847-692-5136

Diane Murphy, Fitness Supervisor

Diane Murphy Fitness Supervisor 847-692-5139

Ethan Williams, Aquatic Manager

Ethan Williams Aquatic Manager 847-692-8599

Olivia Shapley, Aquatics Supervisor

Olivia Shapley Aquatics Supervisor 847-292-8921

Oakton Sports Complex

Brent Dolan, Oakton Facilities Manager

Brent Dolan Oakton Facilities Manager 847-692-8595

Jordan Mann, Oakton Facility Supervisor

Jordan Mann Oakton Facility Supervisor 847-692-4098

David Santee, Ice Skating & Hockey

David Santee Ice Skating & Hockey 847-692-8596

Ingrid Santee, Skating Supervisor

Ingrid Santee Skating Supervisor 847-692-8596

Recreation Programs

Julie Greve, Recreation Program Division Manager

Julie Greve Recreation Program Division Manager 847-692-6911

Bobby Pierobon, Teens, Cultural Arts

Bobby Pierobon Teens, Cultural Arts 847-692-3367

Jim Dihu, Athletics

Jim Dihu Athletics 847-692-3316

Amy Kopecky, Youth, Special Events, Birthday Parties

Amy Kopecky Youth, Special Events, Birthday Parties 847-692-3281

Molly Jacobsen, Preschool & Early Childhood

Molly Jacobsen Preschool & Early Childhood 847-685-4400

Debbie Majchszak, Customer Service Manager & Facility Rentals

Debbie Majchszak Customer Service Manager & Facility Rentals 847-692-3247

Jenny Clauson, Wildwood Nature Center

Jenny Clauson Wildwood Nature Center 847-692-3570

Cara Ruffo, Program Naturalist

Cara Ruffo Program Naturalist 847-692-3570

Robin Battaglia, Youth Coordinator

Robin Battaglia Youth Coordinator 847-292-8901

Molly Kowalski, Program Naturalist - Nature Preschool Coordinator

Molly Kowalski Program Naturalist - Nature Preschool Coordinator 847-692-3570

Centennial Activity Center

Jennifer Meyers, Activity Center Manager

Jennifer Meyers Activity Center Manager 847-692-3007

Rachel Jachowske, Recreation Supervisor

Rachel Jachowske Recreation Supervisor 847-692-3035

Buildings and Grounds

Kristi Solberg, Assistant Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds

Kristi Solberg Assistant Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds 847-692-3559

Jennifer Meunier, Project Manager

Jennifer Meunier Project Manager 847-292-1258