Professional instructors available for all skill levels.


Gymnastics is a wonderful sport that can help kids develop flexibility, balance, and strength. It can also build self-esteem and improve skills such as concentration and discipline. Your child will be taught by professional coaches in a safe, positive environment at the South Park Recreational Center. Our staff follows the USA gymnastics safety guidelines and is trained in proper skill progression. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows movement and flexibility.

Current program schedule

Adult & Star

Ages 18-35 months with Adult

This class will allow your little star to explore many different avenues of physical movement through basic tumbling and activities on a variety of equipment. This is an adult assisted program; active wear is advised. Come enjoy the interaction created for you and your child in this class.

Rising Stars

Ages 3 & 4 without Adult

Are you looking for a fun class for your child? Your star will learn basic tumbling, bars, beam and vaulting skills and movements associated with gymnastics at an appropriate level for their age. This class develops coordination, self-confidence, listening, strength, balance and body awareness. Please note that children need to participate without parent assistance.

Shooting Stars

Ages 4 & 5

Shooting Stars class will introduce the first-time star to the sport and challenge the returning stars to improve their skills. Fun and interesting challenges await your child in this class!

Pre-Beginner Gymnastics

Ages 5 & 6

Designed specifically to help the younger gymnast learn the first level of skills on all events.

Beginner Gymnastics

Ages 6-13

Our staff will develop all basic skills of floor exercise, uneven bars, balance beam, and vault. This class will challenge each child at their own level from the first-time student to those returning to achieve the next progression.

Intermediate & Advanced Gymnastics

Ages 6-13

This class will take the next step above the basic skills for your child. A strong development of the basic skills is necessary for this class. Instructor approval required.

If you’re attending a gymnastics class with your child, please have that time be quality time and leave his or her sibling at home. Children must be enrolled in class to be in the gymnastics studio.

Due to the high enrollment in our gymnastics classes, make-ups are not allowed.

Instructors reserve the right to place students in appropriate levels.