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CFC Youth Drop-In Waiver & Reservation System

CFC Youth Drop-In Waiver & Reservation System

Effective immediately, All Centennial Fitness Center drop-in visitors under age 18 must have a Youth Drop-In Waiver on file, signed by a parent or guardian.

Additionally, all youth drop-ins are required to make a reservation through GroupExPro unless the youth has a parent(s) or legal guardian accompanying them. The reservations will have a limit of 25, once the limit is reached there will be no additional youth allowed. This applies on weekdays during the school year. On days school is not in session, we will also have reservation time slots with time limits in an effort to accommodate as many youth as possible. Alternatively, youth can become a Centennial Fitness Center member, and then there is no need to make a reservation for youth drop-in time slots.

Visit the CFC Facility Page to Download the Waiver and Make a Youth Drop-In Reservation