Nature and Animals

Nature and Animals

Wildwood Nature Center is a true gem in our community. Recognized for excellence and surrounded by pristine prairie, it’s the perfect setting for the wide variety of hands-on nature and environmental classes the Park Ridge Park District offers for all ages.

We’ll teach your children about animals and nature, while fostering their appreciation for the environment. We’ll show you and other adults how to “Live Green” and become creative with your own gardens and 'green' lifestyles.

Current nature program schedule

Dog Obedience Classes & Dog Park

We believe love for nature begins at home through the care of our own yards and animals. To promote safe and playful time spent with pets, we offer dog obedience classes for both younger and older dogs. You can even bring the family pooch along to enjoy Paws Park, an outdoor space designed just for them at Oakton Park.

Come see what all the buzz (and the barking) is about.

Current dog obedience schedule