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Swimming is one of those life skills everyone should have, if only for safety reasons. That’s not all. You can’t beat swimming for building cardiovascular fitness and all-over muscle strength. And, since it’s easy on joints, swimming offers an ideal way to stay fit as you age, or make a comeback after an injury.

We offer year-round swim lessons for all ages and abilities, from the most tentative child to the beginner adult or someone looking to simply improve their technique. Our swimming programs are designed to help you develop your skills progressively.

Current program schedule

Interested in being a lifeguard?

If you are interested in working as a lifeguard at Park Ridge Park District, you need to fill out an application and be invited to go through an interview process. If hired, all lifeguards working at the Park District will get certified through the District as an Ellis and Associates Lifeguard. For job postings, click here.

Water Babies

Ages 6 months-3 with Adult

This program helps you and your child enjoy the water through activities and songs. Instructors act as facilitators and coordinate both structured and unstructured activities to promote water exploration. A parent must accompany each child and be actively involved in the instruction. Children that are not toilet-trained must wear a tight-fitting plastic swim diaper. 

Mighty Minnows

Ages 3-5 without Adult

This class focuses on development of motor skills in the water, including blowing bubbles, kicking on front and back, supported floats, and alternating arm scoops. Students are also given structured opportunities to further explore the water while using appropriate techniques and games geared toward the development of their skills. Upon completion of the two levels of Mighty Minnows, your child is eligible to enroll in our Learn to Swim Program.

Learn To Swim

Ages 5-16

This program emphasizes stroke development through six levels. Children learn a range of skills, from kicking and arm scoops in level one to flip turns and perfecting all four competitive swim strokes in level six. Progressive skill learning challenges your child from level to level. Participants previously enrolled are placed in the appropriate class. New students are tested then placed in a level on the first day of class.

Adult Swim Lessons

Ages 16 & Up

Whether you want to improve your swimming skills, or are looking for a year-round fitness activity, the Park Ridge Park District Adult Swim Lessons are for you. Lessons are taught based upon the participant’s present skill level. Instructors work with participants to develop individual goals based on their needs and ability.

Small Group Swim Lessons

Ages 5-12

This program is a blend of private swim lessons and group lessons and is based on the Park Ridge Park District’s Learn to Swim Program. Participant-to-instructor ratio for this class will be 2:1.

Diving (seasonal)

Ages 9-11 

This introductory diving class is for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons and learn the basic skills of springboard diving. Speed of progression naturally varies by participant, but goals of the class include learning groundwork skills such as the tuck, pike, and straight positions, front dives, and the basic diving hurdle. We require that all participants are able to swim 25 yards unassisted and each participant take part in a mandatory swim test during their first day of the class.

Non-Competitive Swim Team

Ages 6-18

This fun and low-key program stimulates interest in swimming by further developing each participant’s skills and introduces them to competitive swimming. As a prerequisite, participants must be able to swim one length of the pool front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke efficiently without stopping. This is a great program to discover if you are interested in competitive swimming.

Water Polo Team (seasonal)

Ages 10-14

This class teaches and reinforces the fundamentals of the sport through instruction, mild conditioning, and friendly competition between facilities. Participants learn the eggbeater kick for treading water, heads up swimming, proper ball handling, rules of the game, positioning, and general game play. There are two matches scheduled on Friday mornings between Hinkley and Centennial. Emphasis is on having fun, learning the basics, and sportsmanship. Both the ball and goal are smaller than what is used at the high school level. Participants should be very comfortable in deep water and be able to swim at least 50 yards without stopping.

Please Note: Parents or chaperones who have a child participating in swim lessons will be allowed to wait on the pool deck during swim lessons, without charge. Street clothes will be allowed in this area while waiting for your child.

Private Flex Swim Lessons 

Available beginning January 1, 2019

We offer private flex swim lessons that caters to your schedule and creates custom times. If you or your child learns better in a small setting, this is the perfect option to learn to swim. Submit a Request Form, or call Olivia Shapley at 847-292-8921 to schedule your lessons.

Flex Swim Lessons: $30 per ½ hour

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Ages 5 & Up
We offer private swim lessons year-round. These classes are set to specific times and days of the week. Just pick the one that works for you. Classes are either one-on-one or in small groups if you choose semi-private.

View the seasonal brochure for the current schedule of Private & Semi-Private Lessons.

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