Jaycee Park

Park Information

Playground Update: You may have noticed Park District maintenance staff occasionally pumping water from the mulch at the Jaycee Playground. The playground was designed to capture and store the rainwater and runoff from neighboring properties to the east. An 8 inch layer of gravel beneath the 12 inches of mulch was intended to capture and temporarily store the water while it soaks back into the ground. However, the water is not percolating into the soil under the playground as quickly as we anticipated. We are working with the City on a suitable solution, but in the meantime after heavy rains, we may pump some water out to ensure the playground remains usable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience.   


  • Tennis Courts
  • Ball Field
  • Soccer Field
  • Basketball Courts
  • Playground
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Bike Rack
Jaycee Park

Originally named Southeast Park