Low-Impact Fitness Classes

Fit Start

Get Fit in Fit Start! Fit Start gives you a comprehensive workout to get your heart beat going and your muscles stronger. Low impact fitness for all levels! Whether it's easy to follow step moves or cardio strength intervals, Fit Start could be the workout for you. Modifications make it seamless to adapt moves for everyone from beginners to long time exercisers. 

Functional Fitness 

Experience this dynamic combination of fun cardio activity, effective strength training moves, and engaging balance exercises to prepare for life's functional fitness challenges.


This yoga class is designed to give participants the tools to increase mobility, flexibility and stability in order to prevent injury and recover using yoga. Each class includes postures and functional movement to improve stability ROM (range of motion) in one or more of the major joints - ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders;  Flexibility in common areas of tightness and tension - hip flexors and hamstrings; and core integration to help athletes remain aligned in the presence of change or outside force.  Each class resolves with restorative postures, breathing exercises, and Savasana!

Not all classes run every season, so please consult our current fitness schedule.