Strength Classes


Get lean, toned, and strong in this original barbell class. Using light to moderate weights with lots of reps, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout that burns lots of calories.


Want a stronger core? This 30-minute workout exercises the muscles around the core using resistance tubes, weights plates, crunches, and hovers. It also includes hip, butt, and lower back exercises. All moves have options for your own fitness level.

Butts & Guts

An effective lower body workout to tone your abs, butt, and thighs in an amazing workout.


Strength, balance, and flexibility training to prepare for daily activities. Tone up every major muscle group, increase bone density, decrease body fat into lean muscle, and complete with stretching.

Functional Strength Training

Strength, cardio balance, and flexibility training to prepare for life’s challenges. Tone up every major muscle group, increase bone density, and decrease body fat into lean muscle.

Pelvic & Core Training

This class strengthens your pelvic floor (improving bladder control) and strengthens the glutes with movements from Yoga/Pilates and using the Pelvicore ball.

Power Ballet Barre

A ballet-inspired cardio and strength workout utilizing a ballet bar, hand weights, and body weight to sculpt and burn calories-minimal sweat included.


A full body, strength workout using resistance bands, body weight, body bars, dumbbells, and the pelvicore ball to tighten and tone with cardio included! No muscles neglected!


Developed by a Navy Seal! A full-body, small-group workout using your body and a strap to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. All levels welcome.

TRX 101

Includes all the benefits of TRX with flexibility and stretching added. A perfect class for those new to TRX.

Not all classes run every season, so please consult our current fitness schedule.