Facility and Field Conditions

Facility Closings

Chart last updated 2/1/2024.
Facility Open Notes
Aquatics - Centennial Aquatic Center x Centennial Aquatic Center is closed for the season.
Aquatics - Hinkley Pool x Hinkley is closed for the season.
Aquatics - Prospect Park Splash Pad x Closed for the season.
Aquatics - South Park Wading Pool x South Park Wading Pool is closed for the season.
Centennial Activity Center
Centennial Fitness Center
Hinkley Skate Park
Maine Park Leisure Center
Oakton Driving Range x Closed for the season
Oakton Ice Arena Office hours: M-F 11:00am-3:00pm
Paws Park
South Park Recreational Center
Tennis Courts - Hinkley Park
Tennis Courts - Northeast Park
Tennis Courts - South Park
Wildwood Nature Center
Winter Outdoor Ice Rink - Oakton Park x Closed due to weather.
Winter Outdoor Ice Rink - South Park x Closed due to weather.
Winter Outdoor Sledding - Centennial Park
Winter Outdoor Sledding - Maine Park

Field Closings

Chart last updated 6/27/2023.
Field Open Notes
Baseball - Brickton Park
Baseball - Centennial Park
Baseball - Hinkley Park
Baseball - Jaycee Park
Baseball - Lincoln Middle School
Baseball - Maine Park
Baseball - Northwest Park
Baseball - South Park
Baseball - Southwest Park
Football - Hinkley Park x
Football - Lincoln Middle School x
Football - Northwest Park x
Football - Prospect Park x
Football - South Park x
Football - Southwest Park x
Lacrosse - Northeast Park x
Lacrosse - South Park x
Soccer - Brickton Park x
Soccer - Centennial Park x
Soccer - Emerson Middle School
Soccer - Jaycee Park x
Soccer - Maine Park x
Soccer - Ni-Ridge Park
Soccer - North Park x
Soccer - Northeast Park x
Soccer - Washington School x
Soccer - Woodland Park

Staff utilizes the following website to determine weather conditions:

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