Green Commitment

Committed to doing our part

It’s wonderful that awareness has increased about how we can all do our part to protecting our environment for future generations.

We, at the Park Ridge Park District have long believed it is our responsibility to be good stewards of the land we maintain and to conserve our natural resources—and we are committed to doing our part.

The Park Ridge Park District recognizes the irreplaceable value of a healthful environment for our patrons and is committed to protecting the environment while meeting the recreational needs of the community.

Our environmental policy

We will operate in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and strive to exceed the minimal legal obligations for environmentally sound practices.

We will consistently encourage environmentally responsible procedures of our employees and continually improve our environmental performance.

We will continuously promote environmental awareness and model “best practices” in environmental responsibility to the public we serve.

We will plan and budget with protecting the environment as a core value to minimize curtailing of environmentally sound decisions due to budgetary constraints.

We will:

  • Purchase and use products which minimize negative environmental impacts.
  • Implement ways to conserve and protect water and soil, enhance air quality, limit pollutants and protect plant and animal life.
  • Implement ways to conserve energy resources and actively seek methods of applying alternative energy technologies.
  • Reduce waste and reuse and recycle materials from facility and park operations and encourage others who use our facilities and parks to do the same.
  • Handle hazardous and other wastes according to lawful and safe procedures.
  • Protect and restore indigenous natural areas on Park District property and actively promote the reclamation, acquisition, preservation and management of other open space areas by the Park District and other local governing bodies.
  • Provide education and experiential opportunities for the public that increase appreciation for the natural world and promote environmentally conscious lifestyles, including selective consumption, recycling and low-impact use of natural resources.