Employment Opportunities

Working for a park district is a rewarding experience incomparable to any other industry!

We offer our community diverse services and therefore hire individuals with a broad range of talent. Employees are exposed to a multitude of career paths, can sharpen or learn new skills, and gain experiences transferable to many aspects of life. We are an ideal employer for individuals seeking their first work experience and those who are continuing to build, maintain, or re-start their careers. 

We work hard to service our community, and in return our employees receive competitive wages and benefits. Full-time employees are provided a pension, rare to employers in the private sector. Part-time, seasonal, and full-time employees enjoy a multitude of facility benefits valued up to $6,000.

Current Opportunities

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 Independent Contractors

Park Ridge Park District partners with independent contractors to provide a variety of classes and programs. If you are a professional interested in working with Park Ridge Park District as an independent contractor, click here for our guidelines.

Opportunities with our Partners

The Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation (M-NASR) provides therapeutic recreational programs for children, teens, and adults with intellectual or physical disabilities. Therapeutic recreation is a professional service which uses “recreation” as a treatment and education modality. This service helps people with disabilities exercise their right to a lifestyle that focuses on functional independence and well-being in clinical, residential, and community settings. If you are interested in part time employment assisting individuals with disabilities, please click for a list of M-NASR current openings and to apply online.