Hinkley Skate Park

Visiting Info

Calling all skateboarders, roller skaters, rollerbladers and BMX riders — Hinkley Skate Park is your place to ride and develop your techniques!

The Skate Park at Hinkley is edged by 150 feet of concrete curbing with a metal grinding edge that offers approximately 7,500 square feet of skating area. The Skate Park offers multiple areas to accommodate skaters and bikers of all skill levels.

Hours of Operation:  Dawn to 10:30pm


  • 12’ wide by 5’ high half pipe
  • Approximately 40’ of 4’ high quarter pipe
  • 24’ of 5’ high quarter pipe
  • 12’ wide by 4’ high spine ramp
  • One bank to bank ramp
  • Two 4’ launch boxes
  • One 5’ launch box
  • Three pyramids, one with a grind rail
  • Two grind boxes
  • Two stand alone grind rails
  • Several launch ramps
  • Skate table
  • Washrooms and benches
Hinkley Skate Park